Cameron Laing, lead singer of Bunnysuit, has the swagger of a pirate and the lean of an operatic tenor. While his live shows are growling and hysterical – melding the edge of a bar room brawl to the sophisticated swing of a forties jazz orchestra – his downtempo sensibility can be unnerving and eerie, reminsicent of early Nick Cave or Jeff Buckley.

The Way poises precariously between intimidation and self sacrifice

My love, my only love, why would you leave?…
When the bullet comes, I will walk in the way

The mix strips away elements to focus on the lonely desperation of the echoing vocals – leaving them to wash across a bleak landscape. Beautiful reverbs are primarily from Valhalla – the Valhalla Room and Valhalla Vintage Verb have been my go to verbs for a while, and I’ve used send returns on choir and strings to conjure ghosts and distant memories. We recorded the vocals with my wonderful Beesneez James and rare tube Beesneez Preamplifier – rustling up a late night fifties valve sound in my living room between cups of Portuguese Port wine.

You can hear the track and download it free here:

I was especially pleased to see it picked up on the amazing Diversions podcast, a tour through progressive ambient, lost tapes and voices calling from the sidelines, hosted by the ever observant and insightful Berlin based producer and electronic artist Deepchild.
You can hear the podcast and download it here: