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Run before you walk – taking the long road with Platinum Pen

These days you gotta run before you walk… Mic and I go a way back. He used to drum for me back in Sydney during the release of When you get down to it. Despite his age (he was twenty at the time) he had…

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Warm valves, port wine, Diversions and echoes along The Way

Cameron Laing, lead singer of Bunnysuit, has the swagger of a pirate and the lean of an operatic tenor. While his live shows are growling and hysterical – melding the edge of a bar room brawl to the sophisticated swing of a forties jazz orchestra…

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The Ghost of Hendrix & the Soul of Ray Mann

Hendrix didn’t just play backwards, he flipped the tape and made us re-think music. His ingenuity on guitar bled over to the studio, and under the guidance of Chas Chandler and Eddie Kramer he cut sides at Olympic Studios and The Record Plant that were…

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