Hendrix didn’t just play backwards, he flipped the tape and made us re-think music. His ingenuity on guitar bled over to the studio, and under the guidance of Chas Chandler and Eddie Kramer he cut sides at Olympic Studios and The Record Plant that were musical watersheds.

From the narcotic detune of Third Stone from the Sun to the backwards tape of Are you Experienced, he pushed himself to experiment and discover. Check out the often overlooked gorgeous backwards solo and restraint of Castles made of sand from Axis: Bold as Love.

There’s an untouchable virtuosity about Hendrix for sure, but one of the things I love most – something D’Angelo and Questlove picked up on, is his love of texture and imperfection. There’s a devil may care attitude in his precision despite (or because of) the limitations of four track tape. Rhythm tracks slide, guitar notes snap and teeter, edges don’t always play in sync.

I met Ray briefly when he was playing weekly sets at Melt bar in Kings X – a briefly shining haven of independent soul, hip hop and all things good, owned by our friend and legendary drummer Rory Toomey. I’d just finished When you get down to it, and it was a joy to see Ray play a live version of Chicken Grease and hear his newly recorded material. Years later, thanks to our mutual friendship with techno maestro Deepchild we found ourselves talking about Hendrix and drinking whiskey in Berlin with indie singer /songwriter Delboy Wilson at Café Kreuzberg. When I had the chance to remix Ray this year, I wanted to conjure some ghosts and call up some voodoo.

You can hear the Speaking in Tongues remix here:

Ray’s original version of Babylon (and the brilliant film clip) here:

A line that always stood out for me on Babylon was:

We were on the same page the other day
now it sounds like everything you say is in tongues

This felt familiar – the disconnection and dislocation of a breakup is often perplexing, and what felt like friendship can get turned around and become an impenetrable cloud of unknowing. I decided to use it as a key for the remix, and bring a little imperfection, and backwards vibe to the affair. The Soundtoys Crystalliser is a thing of wonder, and what’s more, there is a preset called ‘hendrilliser’. With a little tweaking and strategic positioning, it gave me what I needed. I’ve taken a leaf from Deepchild’s production techniques here, and I’ve included a strange third ‘remix’ – taking the wet feed into the hendrilliser, marrying it to the bassline and using it as an alternate envisaging of the track. Really I’ve just included it so you can hear the effect, but I also find it strangely beautiful and compelling..

And what did Ray say about the original remix? “This is such a sweet-sounding remix… I especially love how you’ve used the bridge harmonies as a recurring motif / bed for the song… and of course the backwards guitars ;)”

Yep – The backwards guitars. Somewhere in guitar fuzz heaven, Jimi is smiling and nodding.