These days you gotta run before you walk…

Mic and I go a way back. He used to drum for me back in Sydney during the release of When you get down to it. Despite his age (he was twenty at the time) he had great rhythm and was an excellent guy to hang out with, but he moved away from Sydney and bunkered down to work on his side project… That ‘side project’ saw Mic transform from an awesome drummer with great time and feel into one of Sydney’s most discerning and talented mc’s – Platinum Pen. The last few years have seen him working hard and touring, developing his craft, and a couple of years ago we collaborated on some new tracks.

One of those tracks is ‘Run before you walk’ with special guest Lucid Thought. In a world where every television show seems to offer overnight success it’s a nice reminder of connection over a bunch of years, a couple of cool partnerships and the willingness to work and develop rather than fake it. You can hear the track below:

and buy it here.